Audio Bible

👍 Say hello to the most beautiful Bible app. Ever. Perfect for your Android!

It contains the most important book in history, the Holy Bible.

The Bible is not a simple book, it is not something to be taken lightly, it is a writing that was and is used by many to achieve learning about the word of God, and its teachings to man, through his great and only son Jesus Christ. The best way to access it is a great application such as the audio Bible!

In this Bible app, you can find the American standard version of the Bible (ASV), a Bible translation into English released in 1901.

Also known as Revised Version or American Revised Version, it is a revision of that of King James, and it is considered the basis for the well-known English Bibles (RSV) Revised Standard Version and English Standard Version (ESV), among others.

👍 New amazing features:

* The best audio Bible: listen to the Bible in each moment and each situation, the sound is very clear and presents an extraordinary diction, it is very easy to understand and does not present inconveniences when paying attention.

* The application can be obtained for Android and does not require any payment. Its acquisition is completely free.

* It has the possibility of sharing passages of the Bible with the world or friends either by email or SMS.

* The app does not require you to be connected to any internet signal, just download it and hear it whenever you want without an internet or data signal on your smartphone.

* The application also includes the option of bookmarking and highlighting verses. Choose your favorite color to bookmark passages of the Bible.

* Create a favorite list and add notes as well. If you want to organize them by dates the application also gives you the possibility to do it.

* Enjoy all those amazing and full of teachings verses and share them through your social networks.

* An important thing to take into consideration is that this app does not require a lot of space on your device, so you should not worry about that.

* If you do not know what verse you are looking for, but if you remember a specific word, use the keyword search to find what are you looking for.

* The app can send you inspirational verses every day. Enjoy its teachings.